We provide innovative consultancy and practical solutions for your end-to-end supply chain. With our services we create value for corporate, mid-size and start-ups on strategic and tactical level in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.
We support senior management to create a supply chain vision and delivers the building blocks for multiple organizational disciplines. We help our clients to bridge gaps in business processes and system design to align financial goals with operational targets in an ever-increasing dynamic environment.


We think pro-active from the client of our client perspective
Reduce complexity to maximize result
Embrace ever increasing dynamics
A solution for only one party is no solution
Business leading and data driven 
Speed before efficiency



Whether you have a financial, operations or system focus, an accurate forecast is pre requisite to plan ahead and reach future targets. Smart forecasting is an important aspect in our approach. Any forecast can only be as good as the information that is fed in and the accuracy will be less looking further into the future. We configured systems and processes to deal with these facts in many end-to-end complex supply chain configurations.


Based on our expertise in forecasting and replenishment we have created a standardized set of building blocks that will drive results quickly. These building blocks are part of our registered integral supply chain model “Flow&Event®”. For us it is a given that dynamics will increase pressure on business processes and system design, the perfect world does not exist and we better be prepared for constraints in supply and capacity.



MTC stands for “Make-to-Consumption”, no more, no less. Maximize product availability while minimizing your capital employed, finding the right balance throughout the whole supply chain and your organization is what drives us. Only when we can have a look at business processes from an integral point of view we are able to replicate our results for you.



  • Facilitate and consult board level developing end-to-end supply chain vision and strategy
  • Capacity planning inbound order flow
  • Vendor-product implementation increasing availability and inventory turns
  • Business scan potential supply chain improvements Implementation responsive store replenishment
  • Support forecasting teams how to increase forecasting accuracy
  • Development and implementation business solutions for vendor collaboration
  • System redesign to reduce exceptionsciatis unde omnis


Finding the right balance will enable companies to run faster. Faster turns of large volumes of SKU’s without losing sales will accelerate the turns of your capital and free up cash to invest in expansion plans. If you project our typical results to your own GMROI you will start to understand why we are different.


Business lead, innovation driven

For finding the right balance we rely on your business processes and data to connect to our logic. MTC-Logic partners with several data driven companies. With our business logic we focus on the actual business needs and help our clients to invest in the right system functionality often through minor changes in current install base. We act on the business – data interface having lots of experience in many international environments.


Sharing and validating our expertise is important to us.

MTC-Logic frequently organizes Supply Chain Round table events and contributes to several international conferences linking supply chain practices with innovative technology and data.


Next opportunity for you to join us is at our 4rd Supply Chain Round Table at February 8th in Groote Industrieele Club in Amsterdam hosted by our Partner Hitachi Vantara.


Ir. Jos van Straten

Ir. Jos van Straten

Ir. Jos van Straten

Jos is end to end supply chain and forecasting expert and founder of MTC-Logic. As proud member of Teradata Demand Chain Management (DCM) Product Advisory Council (PAC), he provides input to the development team. He has implemented several integrated End-to-End supply chain solutions for e.g. Nike EMEA, WE International, Triumph International, Snap-on tools USA and HEMA. Jos is a seasoned business process engineer with integral supply chain expertise from manufacturing to retail. Driven by win-win always trying to bridge business with information technology he reduces complexity first before implementing improvements. Jos also facilitates supply chain workshops on board level and is frequent speaker on international supply chain and data driven conferences.

Drs. Léon van Bakel

Drs. Léon van Bakel

Drs. Léon van Bakel

Léon is end to end supply chain strategy expert and partner at MTC-Logic. He has been working in consumer goods and retail for past 20 years on supply chain, merchandising, ecommerce, CRM, business process management and IT. Léon was HEMA operational manager supply chain planning covering fashion, hard-goods and food. Before this he worked at Albert Heijn / Ahold, as programme manager commerce and internal replenishment business consultant. Previous job was at adidas Europe supply chain. Léon also was consultant at Accenture working for businesses like M&S Fashion, DIY (Gamma & Karwei), BP convenience stores, V&D department stores, Pearle eyewear ecommerce and Schiphol airport CRM. Current focus is delivering SC strategy and transformation to the supply chain of Hudson’s Bay in the Netherlands.


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